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The tubedata on this website is completely free. Those of us who made this website possible think it's important that a lot of tube data should be available for as many people as possible.

The data is stored on several servers. These servers are maintained by tubelovers sharing the idea that that everyone should have access to the tube data. Data traffic, maintainging servers and websites always comes with costs and work. No problem because as tubelovers we like to share it with everyone.

Some people however seem to download all data completely and maintain an updated copy of the website. This gives us problems with the available bandwidth. So a restriction has been built in: If you try to download too much data, you may risk being locked out from the server in which case you will get a message stating the problem and you will have to contact the webmaster to ask for restoring your access. (Which usually will not be a problem).
If you, for any reason, still want to do a full mirror of this site, please keep in mind that this is a free service without charge for everyone. So don't be too freaky about having them all. Most people need only the common audio types anyway.

What's OK:
  • Do mirroring only between 02:00 and 06:00 CET if using full bandwidth.
  • If you want to mirror outside this timeframe, restrict your bandwidth to less than 20 KBytes/s.
    Keep in mind that a full mirror consists of more then 10GB of data! Do you really need all PDFs?

    Use an other mirror if you want to access the archive instantly but keep in mind that mirroring whole things does harm to the community.

    If you want to become an official mirror of the site, contact [email protected]. You need at least 10GB of space and rsync for syncing (which is available for Win NT also). Don't forget that you'll get lots of traffic (between 30-50GB per month)!

    Thanks, Frank, Patrik.